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How to Use Real-Time Personalization as a Marketing Strategy for Your Site

If there is something that annoys customers when shopping it is advertisements, promotions, and offers that are unrelated to what they are looking for on the online stores. Reports suggest that in such circumstances, you would be lucky to retain them on the site. If it is Increasing Organic Traffic for an E-Commerce Site by Aaron Lal, you must avoid such situations by all means. If you intend to give adverts anyway, it is important to track the shopper’s behavior first, understand them, then give a relevant ad, offer, or promotion. You can’t afford the spray and pray marketing methods. These types of techniques no longer work.


Every customer longs for a shopping experience that is tailored to suit their preferences. The more you provide them with what they might need, the easier it becomes to convert them. Customers want e-commerce websites that understand them and perfects the shopping experiences they have online. One of the ways to make this possible for you is going through customer browsing history, interests, and what they prefer and then keep your marketing message relevant to what they have to offer. Follow Aaron Lal on Behance for more tips around this issue.

You will be surprised the number of buyers who will click on the relevant ad you provide them. Research indicates that 45 percent of them will buy. From this, we can learn that shoppers are looking for customized experiences when they are on the web. Anything that draws them away from their intent will irk them and result in increased bounce rates. That is why many organizations are willing to go the extra mile and spend on artificial intelligence to get precise information about individual customers and personalize their marketing to them. But be careful not to invade into their privacy.

Aaron Lal – Learning New Ideas is Part of an E-commerce Managers Assignment

Cliche as it sounds, education is endless. You have to learn daily if you are to become knowledgeable. E-commerce is not an exception. The moment you step into the career, you have a lot of stuff to learn – including experts like Aaron Lal. It takes discipline to be a top manager in the industry. It does not come on a silver platter even more. Meaning, you’ll spend time and money to learn new things. Some training is usually very expensive while others you can get for free if you understand how to leverage the internet. Regardless of the level of expertise you are in, you will still need to learn because technology presents us new things every day. Ensure you follow the right people and ask questions when the need arises.

E-commerce is not something you develop overnight. If you are an entrepreneur, it is important to understand that your in-house manager will require access to learning material to hone their skills continually so that when new ideas come, they have the necessary skills to implement for the betterment of the industry. And a single person cannot do the whole work found on the websites. There are teams involved. Some are managers, copywriters, marketers, and so on. In such a group, Aaron Lal says one has to invite help from anyone when they feel like they are stuck.

It is easier to learn from a workmate than a stranger out there. Most importantly, do not expect the transformation to happen overnight. You can learn through reports, advisory, external consultation, among other means. However, just like you would choose a good school over an average one, try and find good resources that are reliable to be sure you have the necessary knowledge that will make you better at what you do.

The Successful E-commerce Foundation for Success

When Aaron Lal is trusted to make an e-commerce website a success, he ensures to lay the right foundation so that when the rest of the team comes in, things run smoothly for the growth of the business. That is the only way to make the business grow sustainably and quickly. This move becomes a great motivation for the team tasked to deliver results for the business to propel it to the next level. Every business is unique thus requires different methodologies of laying its foundation. The same goes for building a team for the business. A solid e-commerce site foundation will reduce poor experiences with customers and there will always be means to tackle issues in the business in case they arise.

The Successful E-commerce Foundation for Success

One of the top foundations is establishing communication channels. Whether it is for team members, suppliers, or for customers, these channels are essential to avoid confusion. If you don’t get this bit right, you’ll be in for issues and breakdown. Also, create room for flexibility to allow for changes that might arise in the industry. If you have been in the e-commerce industry for long as Aaron Lal, you will appreciate that trends come and go. What seems great today is going to be old-fashioned tomorrow. Creating room for flexibility as the business owner or manager is the best way to accommodate great ideas as they come.

Understanding the market is also key to knowing that you are on the right track. If you know the industry, you will sell the right things and hire the right team to achieve the best possible results. This move will also equip you for the hard times that you might encounter ahead. Above everything else, love data.

Aaron Lal Boosting the Revenue for an E-commerce Site by Use of AI

Every online business has accumulated data to understand the behaviors of the consumers and compete healthily in the marketplace. If you lack a collection of this information, then you need to start doing it right away according to Aaron Lal. This data is useful if you can utilize it for all aspects of increasing the business income. If all you do is to monitor traffic, then you are missing on a lot of revenue such data can provide. There are several AI tools that any online company can employ to bolster the income.

First of all, you will get predictive product recommendations to give your customers what they need. Aaron Lal says that prospects browse various websites to look for products. With proper AI installation, you can monitor the behavior of your visitors. The automated tracking ensures that you understand how to segment your customers and give recommendations that matter to them. AI also helps you to forecast the demands and trends thus saving you the costs you might incur on inventory unnecessarily. You can only purchase what people want and leave the products that are not getting buyers.

With proper installation of AI into the business infrastructure, customers get to enjoy the best customer service. The shopper is the boss of your business and so, they are supposed to be your priority. And with AI that can track every click they make on the web, you can personalize your services so that the customers get what they need in precision. When customers are searching for various products, they get real-time suggestions, which make their searching experience easy and fast. It is just a matter of making use of the data you already have to help your customers to receive high-quality services.

Aaron Lal on the Process of Setting Goals for an E-commerce Site

Setting goals is a daunting thought and process. But if you have the knowledge about how to go about it, you can achieve a lot as an individual and the business altogether. There are methods you can use to have achievable goals for the business. The first stage is creating goals for an e-commerce site is the SWOT analysis. This word stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Understanding this will help you maximize all the opportunities in the future. This role is not just left to the company owner but is also open to department managers like Aaron Lal. This way departments also get to find ways they can excel.

Most online businesses usually have workers in remote places. Therefore, it is essential for any policymaker in a business to communicate the business goals clearly. There is no place for vagueness when it comes to communicating the targets of the business. Mention numbers instead of using words like many or more. Have regular team building activities in place to ensure that employees are engaged in achieving the goals. With specific objectives, you can measure how long, how many, and how effective each process will be. And then like Aaron Lal, ensure you track the goals to always stay ahead of the curve. When you attain a major goal, create room for celebrations.

Of course, any goal setting should be realistic for them to be attainable. You want to have targets employees can reach. When your workers can do something and contribute to attaining the business goals, they get the confidence to do more. And there is nothing as good as having relevant goals to what is happening trends. When it comes to appearing in search engines, there is nothing as important as becoming up to speed with the developments.

Aaron Lal – Helping an E-commerce Site Team to Work Together

An e-commerce team must work together in order to help the business achieve its goals. Aaron Lal has worked for big online enterprises, and because of the numerous tasks of the projects, he had to corporate with other members to meet the business targets. So, if you have many people working on your e-commerce project, you must create an environment where they can interact and share information on the happenings of their duties. Creating a group for the managers and freelancers to share ideas and update each other, will work wonders for your e-commerce business.

Aaron Lal

Managers are able to chat with each other updating information from the other departments to iron out the details all around, and polish every step so that everything points to a single direction. Doing this is particularly important when tasks overlap. For instance, if Aaron Lal is dealing with the optimization of the website for various keywords, he must work alongside the content creators to ensure he provides them with the proper keyword for various contents to make the project a success. If one team is making the effort for the site to look good, the other will be working on delivering conversions. Without each player doing their duty, it is possible that a customer can land on the site to make a purchase, gets distracted, and leaves without making this important move.

Collaboration between the managers is key to ensure that conversions come by because they are the most important for the business. Creating a group chat where each manager knows what is happening, and what their role is, can make it easier for things to work faster, and in a better way. And each individual will see their importance and make the effort to perform their contribution sync with the rest for the perfect results.

Work on Your User Experience for Profitability of Online Business: Aaron Lal

Web design is an integral part of any website let alone an e-commerce site. That is where you make the user experience of your site appealing for any visitor to fall in love with it immediately they land on any page of the site. Aaron Lal understands that that is how to tame the patience of customers. In this digital era, shoppers are unwilling to spend their time in order to purchase a product on nonresponsive websites. According to many research results on this matter, any site has about two seconds to impress their visitors without which these people will look for help elsewhere. For serious e-commerce managers, web design must be done in the best way possible to ensure customers visit and stay around to be converted.

Work on Your User Experience for Profitability of Online Business: Aaron Lal

The first thing to do is ensuring the site loads fast and the navigation system is easy to use. You want to avoid your website confusing your visitors. It should have clear information about the products and categorize them properly. If one searches for the best selling products, they must find it within a fraction of seconds. If they take time just to find what they need, they will likely get it elsewhere. Competitors understand the need to have a navigable website and have put their effort into web design. Therefore, your failure is to their advantage.

The secret to having a user-friendly e-commerce site is putting yourself in the shoes of the shopper according to Aaron Lal.

When you create your site, hire people or ask friends to assess how well it is performing. Those who can give you a critical view are the best to consult. The site needs to be compatible with several browsers. You never know the kind of browser your prospect customer is using and so, ensure everyone finds the site accessible regardless of the browser they are using.

Inventory Tips Every E-commerce Manager Needs to Know by Aaron Lal

Robust set of tools together with good relationships with suppliers will help you meet the needs of your consumers. Having an inventory that doesn’t run out of stock will positively impact online business operations. However, there is the risk of eventually getting damaged goods in case of overstocking. Therefore, managing the inventory is something we cannot run away from because that is how the business can get profits from their investment. The best part is that the consumers will have a better image of your business. Aaron Lal, how can one manage their e-commerce inventory?

Aaron Lal

First off, you must have a centralized center of command so that the head office issues direction on what needs to be done for products to be available and delivered. It should involve having real-time tracking to manage inventory in different places. Collect data so you are sure how fast a product runs and when to avail the next batch. Also, it is important to alert the suppliers beforehand when things are needed. As mentioned before, you must have data about your business. Through it, it is possible to forecast the future needs of the business and identify days when particular goods and services are in demand.

When your main supplier fails to deliver on their promises, ensure you have a plan B. This includes having backup suppliers. The key here is getting a consistent delivery of products and timekeeping. Aaron Lal says that you want suppliers who provide you with quality products and understands the industry. Apart from the supply side of things, you want a man on the ground, someone that you can outsource large inventory to, or let them handle most of your store keeping tasks.

Aaron Lal – The Pro E-commerce Keyword Researcher

For years as an e-commerce manager, Aaron Lal has involved in a lot of keyword research. It is a topper when it comes to commencing a campaign for the search engines. If you don’t do it properly then there is a chance that you will target the wrong keywords which will not provide customer leads. Or you will choose wrong battles by trying to rank for keywords that are tough to make to the first page. That is why it is important to have a professional keyword researcher who has tried and come up with the best keywords that drive sales. As you might tell by now, you might be aware that we find keywords that people are looking for (with high search volumes) and those that are not difficult to think.

Aaron Lal

Aaron Lal understands the buyer intent and finds the exact keywords to draw visitors to a site and uncover what they need. He has learned how to use various tools to bring our the best searches possible. He combines his SEO tools with competitor research to find groundbreaking keywords for a website. One of the tools he utilizes is Amazon to find keyword suggestions as customers look for them. Each time he does the search Aaron Lal creates a list. Besides finding great keywords for businesses, he also knows how to put them into action. He does the structure of the site is getting important content in front of users and making it simple for them to find.

He is able to identify errors and correct them. Throughout his career, he has helped businesses rank higher in the search engines and others regain their standings. More importantly, he has increased the response rates multiple times which has resulted in increased revenue for the business in question

Aaron Lal Understands the Mind of an Online Shopper

With over five years of experience with online businesses, Aaron Lal has had the privilege of getting to understand how an e-commerce customer thinks. That is why he has worked successfully with international enterprises. He was a lead campaign e-commerce manager for brands like Nestle, Guinness, Smirnoff, and Disney to mention but a few. Aaron has accreditation across multiple product portfolios giving him in-depth knowledge about most products and services. Therefore, he has gathered data, studied it, written reports, and generated various campaigns for the businesses under his care. Because of this, he knows the mind of an online. shopper and has developed ways to make them buy what they need.

Aaron Lal understands that an online shopper is impatient and only a few of them will wait for a website to load. In the first two seconds, they interact with an e-commerce site, you should already be able to engage them if you ever want to sell. The navigation needs to be equally easy to maneuver. Make it a breeze to find whatever items you are selling. If you don’t do it this way, the majority of your visitors will opt out and find services from your competitors. If possible, get an outsider to scroll through your site to confirm that you have done great when it comes to user experience.

When you hire an e-commerce manager like Aaron Lal, they’ll ensure your site is compatible with multiple browsers and that the content on the site is precise to its use. Photos speak a lot and any e-commerce management team needs someone that understands Photoshop to create awe-striking images that will represent you to the fullest. Even more important is ensuring that the e-commerce website is working on mobile because most interactions on the web happen on mobile devices.